Escape 3D: The Jail Walkthrough

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Check out the all new e3D: The Jail Pro! Search it in the App Store for an extended version of the smash hit e3D: The Jail!

I was sent to jail for a crime I didn't commit.. I was sentenced for life.. Only one way out of here. Though I escaped once, they caught me and locked me back up. If I can do it once, I can do it again. I must ESCAPE!

Touch things on the screen to find objects. Use the objects by dragging it onto a location. You can combine objects by dragging them onto each other.

Play Escape 3D: The Bathroom here.

Give it a good rating and comment if you want to see more levels! Edit: And you did! So we added a whole new epic long adventure called e3D: The Jail Pro! Find it on the App Store now!

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Take the Spoon and the Coin.

Touch the Bread to split it to two.
Take the Saw Blade from the Bread.

Examine the Poster; touch the Poster to remove it.
Take the Loose Brick.

Take the Electric Saw Gun

Turn to the right, take the Gum on the cell door. 

Turn to the right again, take the Bed Sheet and the Coin

Turn to the right again, take the Plate and the Coin

Turn to the right examine the toilet bowl; take the Rubber Gloves and the Coin

 Move back and examine the basin, take the Sharpener and Coin

Go back to the screen with the bed. It is time to combine the items.
First use the Loose Brick to break the Plate

Use the Sharpener to sharpen the Spoon

Combine the Saw Blade to the Electric Saw Gun then combine the Gum with them. 

Put the Smashed Plate on the bed.
Take the Wire.

Move to the screen with the window and light bulb. Examine the light bulb; use the Sharpen Spoon to unscrew the light bulb.
Touch the light bulb to break it.

Combine the Rubber Gloves with the Wire

Attach the Wire to the Power source of the light bulb. 

Move out and hover the Electric Saw Gun around the wires to charge it up. 

Make sure the light on the Electric Saw Gun is green. 

Use the Electric Saw Gun to cut away the window bars. 
Use the Bed Sheet to cover the sharp edges of the window bar remains. 
Touch the window to escape. 


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