The Secrets of Grisly Manor Walkthrough

The Secret of Grisly Manor By Fire Maple Games

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For anybody hopelessly stuck with the game, please check out the help topic over at the Touch Arcade forums:

Grandpa always was a little eccentric. A fantastic engineer, he was always buried in his work, always coming up with new ideas and inventions that as a child held you wide-eyed in awe.

Now, after many years, you return to the house that holds so many fond memories for you, with a promise from Grandpa to show you something truly amazing. You can't even begin to imagine what it could be!

It's a dark and stormy night as you arrive at Grisly Manor. The rain beats down hard, lightning flashes in the sky as the sound of thunder fills your ears. You already feel a little creeped out, but when you make your way inside, the house is curiously empty. Grandpa is nowhere to be found!

But his presence is everywhere.

Familiar objects have been re-engineered to create puzzles for you. Clues abound, and as each puzzle is solved, the solution to others present themselves. As well as new puzzles, of course.

Grandpa obviously spent a lot of time making sure that nobody could solve the myriad of puzzles strewn about the house. Nobody but you, his favorite grandchild…

Can you solve the mystery of Grisly Manor?

Inspired by classic point and click adventure games!
Beautiful graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
Fantastic soundtrack and sound effects!
Auto saves your position.
iOS4 compatible.

◆ Danger Cats!
◆ Stunt Squirrels!


Tap on the loose block on the wall to reveal an old skeleton key.
Use the old skeleton key on the door to unlock it.
Go into the house.

Go to the left room.
Take the matches from the table.

Go upstairs and go into the first room from the right (1st bedroom).
Look at the old drawing hanging on the left side of the bed. (this is the clue for the eagle statue puzzle)
Take the jewelled butterfly from the butterfly decor on the left.

Go into the second door from the right (2nd bedroom).
Retrieve the chess piece under the bed.
Take the goldfish bowl above the small cabinet on the right side of the bed.

Go back down the stairs and go to the living room on the right.
Place the chess piece back on the chess board to reveal the silver key.

Go upstairs and use the silver key on the 4th door from the right (storeroom).
Solve the puzzle on the trunk to reveal a butterfly slot.

Put the jewelled butterfly into the butterfly slot.
Open the trunk to retrieve the magnet.
Remember the symbols in the trunk. It will be used later for another puzzle.

Go back downstairs.
Tap on the carpet to reveal a hidden grate in the floor.
Use the magnet to retrieve the tuning fork under the grate.

Go outside the house through door in the kitchen.
Go to the small shed. 
Take a log from the woodpile.
Use the tuning fork on the metal plaque on the right side of the door to open the door.
Go into the shed.
Take the carved falcon and the wooden mallet on the table.

Go back to the house.
Go to the study room.
Place the carved falcon in the slot with the other 3 carved falcons.
Adjust the carved falcons so that they will face in same direction as the highlighted section of the wheels in the old drawing to open the hidden compartment.
Take the fuse from the hidden compartment.

Go back upstairs to the 1st bedroom.
Use the wooden mallet to break the piggy bank to reveal the brass token.

Go back downstairs to the room on the left.
Put the brass token into the slot on the gumball machine.
Tap on the rotating handle on the gumball machine to drop a jewel from the machine.

Go upstairs to the door hidden on the right.
Put the jewel on the heart-shaped notch in the base of the right statue to reveal a hiding place.
Take the ice pick and small silver knob from the hiding place.

Go downstairs to the kitchen.
Fit the knot to the drawer.
Open the drawer and take the rusty key.
Open the top door of the fridge.
Use the ice pick giant ice block to expose a wrench.

Go into the third door from the right (bathroom)
Use the wrench on the bolt.
Tap the wrench to turn the bolt to open a secret passageway in the wall.

Go into the hidden passageway.
Tap on the rusty fuse box to open it.
Put the fuse in the fuse box.
Tap the handle to move the handle up to reveal a hidden entrance.

Go into the hidden entrance.
Take the golden key on the table.
Tap on the door to open another entrance to the  hidden room.

Go back to the hidden passageway.
Tap on the handle to move the handle down to close the hidden entrance.

Go back to the hidden room from the other entrance.
Now you will see the poster paste on the hidden entrance.
This is the key word for the globe puzzle.

Go downstairs to the hallway.
Use the golden key on the small keyhole in one of the steps to reveal an ornate rod hidden beneath the step.

Go to the kitchen and look at the magnetic letters on the fridge.
Find the colors that is used for the keyword found from the poster.

Go to the study room.
Solve the globe puzzle.
Set the colors in the following sequence: (L=green, O=orange, V=red, E=purple) to reveal a seal wooden box.

Go outside the house to the tree stump.
Put the ornate rod into the large metal socket in the center of the old stump to reveal a passageway leading to an underground room.

Go to the underground room.
Tap the symbols of the ancient stones that matches the symbols found in the trunk of the storeroom to reveal two beams of light from the center of the ancient stones.
This is the time that need to be set on the clock.

Go into the shed.
Use the rusty key to unlock the cabinet.
Take the ripped piece of paper from the cabinet.

Go back to the house to the room on the left of the hallway.
Set the short hand on the clock to eight.
Set the long hand on the clock to five to reveal a stopper instead of the normal cuckoo.

Go upstairs to the bathroom.
Plug the drain with the stopper.
Tap on the tap to fill the tub with water.
Put the goldfish into the tub.
Fill the empty bowl with water.

Go downstairs to the study room.
Place the log in the fireplace.
Light the log on fire using the matches.
Put the sealed wooden box into the fireplace to burn it.
Use the bowl of water to douse the fire.
Take the 5 ounce weight from the ashes.

Go to the hallway
Take the other piece of ripped piece of paper from the hanging landscape painting.

Now you have the combination to the safe.

Go upstairs to the hidden room.
Balance the scale using the 5 ounce weight to reveal combination safe lock.
Use the combination found earlier to open the safe. (42, 34, 15)
Take the iron key from the wall safe.

Go downstairs to the hallway.
Use the iron key to open the locked door across the hallway.

Go down the stairway behind the locked door.
Solve the puzzle on the door.


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