Escape Game: Grandmother's Room Walkthrough

Escape Game: GrandMother's Room Walkthrough

Spoiler: This post contains the full walkthrough for GrandMother's Room.  Continue reading if you need help with the game. Feel free to post questions if you have any queries.


Open the closet. Open the cardboard box and get the cloth inside.

Examine the calendar with the butterfly and tulip.

Examine the cushion to find something hard inside. Open the cushion and get the handle. There are 5 turtle patterns on the cushion.

Examine the TV dial to make it roll off. Pick up the TV dial near the shelf with the telephone.

Go to the display shelf and get the metal rod in the mouth of the bear on the left.

 Combine the handle with the metal rod to get the screwdriver.

 Examine the frame on the right. Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws and get the photo inside.

Check the can of tea leaves with the crane picture.

Open the lower right shelf and retrieve the book on the far right. Enter "TULIP" as written in the calendar. Take the ruler inside the book.

Go to the door beside the TV set. Use the ruler to get the narrow stick the groove that prevent the door from opening.

Open the door and enter the kitchen. Open the fridge door and examine the soybean paste with a crane image on it.

Check the towel on the left of the fridge. Roll up the towel and examine the turtle seal.

Open the door on the left of the seal. Take the telephone line by examining the knot on the right side of the box.

Examine the turtle ornament near the telephone. Connect the telephone line to the wall socket and telephone.

Go to the television set. Flip the TV dial to see the hints Crane -> Turtle -> Butterfly. (how many pictures of it have you seen till now.) Attach the dial to the TV.
Crane: soybean paste in fridge + can of tea leaves = 2.
Turtle: 5 turtle patterns on cushion + 3 turtle ornament + turtle seal behind towel = 9.
Butterfly: 1 on calendar + 3 on cloth = 4.
Turn the dial in the following sequence 2 - 9 - 4

Investigate the antenna. Lift it and get the small key beneath the antenna.

Use the key to open the top drawer at the display shelf. Read the note on the cookie can and get the message of collecting.

Get the phone number of Inayama Store from the towel in the kitchen. Use the phone to dial to Inayama Store at 811790. Get the message to collect money at 10 o'clock on the 27th of each month. (1027?)

Go back to the cookie can and enter the code 2710 to remove the chain. Get the picture inside the can.

Open the first drawer on the lower left of the shelf. Read the notes. Open the second drawer. Move the bottom board of the drawer to reveal something underneath the bottom board of the drawer. Retrieve the portable safe in the back of the drawer.

Turn the photo over to see the 48cm. Turn the other photo over to see 3 times as big as when he was born. ( 48 * 3 = 144 cm)

Look at the scratch mark on the right of the TV set. Place the ruler beside it to see I have grow 5cm from age 10 to 11. 144 + 5 = 149cm. Go back to the safe and enter 0149. Get the photo and key from the safe.

Go to the kitchen and find the locked mailbox. Use the key to unlock the mailbox and read the note inside. We miss a delivery so we better call for redelivery.

Get the delivery server phone number from the calendar. Use the telephone to dial to the delivery service. (798814) Collect the package in the mailbox when the delivery man arrive. Open the package and get the flashlight inside.

Go to the orange clock, use the screwdriver to remove the screws on the panel and get the battery inside.

 Examine the bottom of the flashlight. Open the lid and put the batteries inside the flashlight. Switch on the flashlight.

Open the closet door and use the flashlight on the top shelf. Use the stick to open the door. Get the album. Open the album and examine the photo on the far right. That's the phone number for real estate. Use the telephone to dial to the real estate. (612103) They will tell you how to open the door.

Go to the door in the kitchen and open it to escape.


  1. When I open the gardening. book, I keep getting the message: there's no particular flower I am interested now...
    What am I doing drong?