Simple Physics Walkthrough

Simple Physics By Andrew Garrison

Be sure to download my newest app, Dummy Defense, where you must use your engineering skills to protect the dummy from explosions, death pits, boulders, and more!

The sequel to BridgeBasher is finally here! SimplePhysics lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a sophisticated physics engine.

A wise person once said: "An engineer is someone who can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar." In SimplePhysics, your design must not only be strong enough, it must be cheap enough to win. With the built-in Leaderboards, you can also compete with people all around the world to see who can create the most cost effective designs.

Create your design in seconds with the blueprints editor. If you make a mistake, simply tap the Undo button. Zoom in and out by pinching the screen and pan the view using a two finger drag.

While testing, you can see how the strain is distributed across your design. Areas that are under immense strain are colored bright red, while other areas are colored green. This allows you to find and fix problem areas in your design.

The finger test lets you use your finger to push and pull on your design. You can use this with pinpoint accuracy, or you can just smash your design to smithereens. The finger test has an explosive new twist. You can now create explosions by tapping the screen for ultimate annihilation.

The newly added Bomb Shack level includes a dummy with full support for ragdoll physics. Throw him around, blow him up, and smash him against your design.

The slow motion feature lets you slow things down so you can see how your design is failing, and it is also incredibly fun to watch explosions destroying your design in slow motion.

* Realistic physics simulation
* Ragdoll physics
* Slow motion mode
* Stress display shows problem areas in your design
* Wide variety of levels!
* Finger Test - smash your design to pieces, or blow it up with realistic explosions!
* Leaderboards
* Save/Load designs
* E-mail your blueprints to your friends
* Universal support for the iPad

Solution for simple physics.

Please share with us if you have a cheaper solution.

Tutorial (3 stars)

Quick tutorial level that shows the basics of the game. In this tutorial, you must build a tree capable of holding four, 50 lbs children for 10 seconds. If a child falls off the tree house then you fail. 

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Tree House (3 stars)

Same Requirement as the tutorial level, but this level is more difficult because there are only three places where you can anchor to the tree. Your design must hold four 50 lbs children for 10 seconds. 

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

2x Tree House (3 stars)

Create a tree house with two floors. Each floor must hold four 50 lbs children for 10 seconds. This level is further complicated by enforcing a maximum support length of 7 ft. 

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Staircase (3 stars)

Create a staircase where each step will be tested by a robotic arm to ensure it can support 500 lbs. There are no anchor points on this level,so your design will be freestanding.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Snowy Roof (3 stars)

Build a support structure for a roof capable of holding 5 feet of snow, weighing in at a whopping 50,000 lbs. There are no load bearing walls inside the house, so the structure must be strong enough to span the width of the house.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

River Dam (3 stars)

Create river dam out of concrete that must be able to withstand a massive rush of water. The river dam must absorb the initial blast of water and continue holding for an additional ten seconds in order to pass the test.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Bomb Shack (3 stars)

Build a small shack that must withstand the indirect explosions of three small bombs. You must protect the crash test dummy inside the shack. If the dummy is struck with a falling support, or if it it hit by the explosion, then you fail.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Submarine (3 stars)

Build a submarine that can dive to a depth of 300 feet. The overall pressure at this depth is about 144 pounds per square inch (including atmospheric pressure). If the outer shell of your sub cracks, then you fail.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Truck Crane (3 star)

Create the boom for a truck-mounted crane by connecting the base on the bottom left to the pulley system on the top right. The crane must be capable of hoisting 100 tons for 10 seconds. If the crane drops the weight, then you fail.

Simple Physics 3 star walkthrough

Ferris Wheel (3 star)

Build the structure of a ferris wheel holding 2 carriages. The ferris wheel must make two complete rotations without falling apart. If a carriage falls to the ground then you fail. Make sure the ferris wheel is balanced. If it is not, then the motor may not have enough power to turn!

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

Windy City (3 star)

Create a 24 story skyscraper that is capable of withstanding a tornadic wind storm with gusts of wind reaching 300mph. If an exterior wall of the skyscraper breaks, then you fail.

Simple Physics 3 star Walkthrough

3 stars simple physics blueprints for the boulder ramp and train bridge is available here.


  1. Thanks for posting these - all worked !!
    in fact I could improve on my designs that had got 2 stars earlier. ;)

  2. the staircase doesn't work for me :(

  3. How about the rolling boulder. Help!

  4. Your idea for Ladder is not working! :(

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