Escape Game: Midnight Reunion Walkthrough

Escape Game: "Midnight Reunion" 

Escape Game: "Midnight Reunion" by IDAC Co Ltd

Spoiler: This post contains the full walkthrough for Midnight Reunion by IDAC Co Ltd.


Start from the centre of the classroom.
Examine the whiteboard. 6 + 5 x 4 + 3 = 47

Examine the black frame on top of the whiteboard.

Get the gore after peeling off the black paper from the frame.

Check the desk on the right of the second row.

Read the notebook on the table.
Use the gore on the words in the notebook.

Go to the bookshelf. Remove the blue and red book and get the battery behind them.

Check the desk on the right of the first row to find a remote control.
Remove the cover and insert the battery.
Take the remote control after inserting the battery.

Move to the left.
Use the remote control on the TV to see the message “strawberry flavour.”

Go back to the whiteboard and get the lipstick on top of the whiteboard.
Get the spring from inside of the lipstick.

Go to the desk with the notebook.
Examine the notes on the table. Insert the spring into the ballpoint pen.
Use the ballpoint pen to color the paper to get PLO > 2.

 Shift the alphabets 2 times to the right to get RNQ.

Move to the right.

Go in front of the locker. Enter the code 47 to open the locker. Get the knife blade inside the locker.
Examine the shelf on the right of the locker.
Open the bottom right door. Enter the code “RNQ” and get the wooden board inside.
Combine the wooden board with the knife blade.

Move to the opposite side.
Examine the bag tied to the desk at the back.

Use the knife to cut the string and check the drawing paper inside. This means that each vertical line plus the number written on the desk of the four multiple the last 2.

Go and examine the numbers on the four desk.
Left 8 + 5 = 13, Right 9 + 7 = 16
13 x 16 = 208
Get the lighter on the desk with the number 7 on it.

Go to the shelf and open the door on the left. Enter the code 208 and get the bottle opener inside.

Go back to the starting point. Examine the bottle at the top right corner of the desk with the notebook. Use the bottle opener to open the bottle and get the box inside.

Use the knife to cut the duct tape. Get and read the letter inside.
Go to the opposite side and check the timetable on the wall beside the door.

Peel of the timetable. Get the oil behind the timetable. Add the oil to the lighter. Light the lighter.
Examine the pot to the left. Use the lighter to peek into the pot and get the button. Look at the button with "Nov".

Examine the video player at the bottom. Insert the button, press eject to get the video tape inside the player. Insert the video into the TV.

Go to the blackboard and examine the picture frame above the blackboard. Replace the words "Nov" into the date to get 30th November. Go to the left and enter 1130 to open the door.

Go inside to the room. Examine the desk on the right. Get the stone at the bottom of the chair. Move to the left and get the stone from the top of the shelf.

Go further in and read the diary on the desk on the left to find the alphabets BD. Flip to the next page and find the alphabets FH on the bottom right of every page to get BD FH and SU. Find the middle alphabet of each set to get CGT.

Go to the shelf on the right and examine the laptop and enter "CGT" as the password.

Open the door below and get the bottle inside.
Take out adn read the blue book from the bookshelf on the left. Use the knife to cut the bottle.
Open the tool box in the lower left. Combine the cut bottle with the items in the toolbox to form a bottle rocket. Put the rocket on the glass above the shelf.
Go to the back and launch the bottle rocket.
Go back to the entrance of the room and get the stone and lever from the box.
Go back to the radio and examine its right. Insert the lever into the hole. Press Eject and get the rope inside.

Use the rope to tie up the furoshiki.

Balance the stone and furoshiki on the scale. Get the key from the back of the scale. Peel off the note on the right of the compartment.

Use the key to open the starting point door and escape.


  1. I have escape but withe a bad ending, how it can take a good ending ?

  2. to get good ending, after you get the key, read memo behind the scale with lighter until second page. then use the key for escape.

  3. Where is the scale cannot find it :(

  4. where the hell did u get the lighter from!!??

  5. ho to combine the knife with the wooden? anyone please help me. :(

    1. Tap (possibly double tap) on the wood in the inventory, then tap it again and it will turn to show a split in the wood, then tap on the blade. Took me ages to work this out

  6. On the picture of the scale you have 3 stones i only have 2?

  7. Where's the scales I can't find it any were >:(

  8. It's ok I found it.-G O O D E N D-..... ANY1 need help Jus ask

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  10. Hello, I have stuck after making the bottle rocket, how can I launch it?

  11. I read the memo till the 2nd page and went out of the main door. The game just stop there. My inventory disappeared the door didnt open. No good ending stories to read. :(

  12. Someone pleeeaaassseee tell my where the lighter is!!

  13. Ehrrr where is the scale? Not such thing in the room

  14. how can i shift the alphabets?pleaseeeeeeeeee