Escape Game "Prank House" Walkthrough

Escape Game: "Prank House" Walkthrough

Escape Game: "Prank House" by IDAC Co Ltd

Spoiler: This post contains the full walkthrough for Prank House.  Continue reading if you need help with the game. Feel free to post questions if you have any queries.


Go to the kitchen on the right of the starting screen.
Find the number "52" in the sink.
Get the chopstick that is hidden in the gap on the left of the fridge.

Move to the right.
Fix up the broken plant using the tongs. Strengthen the broken branch with the chopstick.
Get the small key that is lying on the left side of the plant.
Take back the chopstick from the plant.
Examine the switch on the left of the window. (blue – red – yellow – red)

Move to the opposite side.
Press in the buttons in the following order blue – red – yellow – red
Raise the lever inside.

Move back to the opposite side with the window.
Turn on the switch.
Close the curtain and examine the words on the curtain. (xSELO) Flip the word 180 degree to get 0735 X. Together with the number in the sink you get 0735 X 52 = 38220.

Go to the opposite side.
Enter the code “38220” into the device on the door.

Open the door and go to the second floor.
Open the door of glass shelf.
Shift the red robot toy aside and get the lighter.
Use the key to open the drawer below.
Get the glue inside.
Examine the poster between the two doors to see the word “EASYHOUSE”.
Look down the railing to see a note is stick above the big door.

Open the door on the right and go into to the toilet.
Examine the lid of the toilet water box.
Use the chopstick to get the screwdriver.

Get out of the room and open the door on the left and go inside.
Examine the shelf on the right. Get the broken step ladder on the right of the shelf.
Use the glue to repair the ladder.
Retrieve the book on the shelf and slip through the pages to see the photo inside.

Go back down to the big door.
Use the stepladder to climb up and get the note above the door.
Flip the note to see “YOU CANNOT” on the note.

Move to the left to the kitchen area.
Examine the top of the fridge.
Use the stepladder to get the mould on top of the fridge.
Examine the guitar outside the kitchen. Remove “YOU” from “EASYHOUSE” to get “EASHSE”. Enter the code and get the light bulb from the guitar.
Turn the guitar around to see the characters “CFCF1324”.

Go to the second floor.
Examine the lighting on top of the glass shelf. Insert the bulb into the lighting using the stepladder.
Go down the stairs and turn on the switch on the wall.
Go back up and see the words “PINK ONLY” on the floor that is illuminated by the lighting.

Enter the left room.
Examine the centre closet. Use the screw driver to make the coloured words appear. Extract only the pink colour characters making “CRH”.
Go to the shelf on the right and enter the code “CRH” into the device at the bottom of the shelf.
Get the key from the “16” locker.

Go down to the first floor.
Get the card from the bottom of the green cushion that is on the left of the black cushion.

Go to the big door.
Examine the panel on the door. Use the screwdriver to secure the panel.
Decode the characters “CFCF1324” = C1 F3 C2 F4
Turn the panel knob. Tap the C once, F thrice, C twice then F 4 times.

Open the door and get out of the house.
Find the keypad on the left. Press 1 & 3 to light up the lighting near the table.
Go to the table and get the cartridge underneath the table.
Examine the note on the table. Combine it with the drawings on the card.
Circle = Square, Square – Triangle = Semicircle. This is referring to the angles inside the shape.
Hexagon + Square + (7 x 9) = 720 + 360 + (7 x 9) = 1143

Go back into the house to the screen with the computer.
Examine the lamp on the left of the computer.
Light up the lighter. Use it to light the lamp.
Open the drawer below the lamp and get the mouse inside the drawer.
Install the mouse to the computer.
Enter the password (1143) into the computer.
Open the two files for new clues.

Go around the room to find the roman numbers.
Find IX (9) above the Computer and VIII (8) on the chair that is in front of the computer.
Raise the curtains at the window to find VII (7).
Find III (3) on top of the main door.
Placing them in descending order you get 3789.

Go up to the second floor into the room on the left.
Plug in the outlet in the bottom left of the projector.
Put the cartridge into the projector. Turn on the projector.
Look at the shelf where the image is projected on.
Tap on the lockers in alphabetical order from A – L. Get the other half of the mould from locker 12.
Combine the two moulds.

Go back down to the first floor to the kitchen area.
Find the fridge’s outlet plug at the bottom right of the fridge. Connect the outlet plug to the wall socket.
Enter the code 3789 to open the fridge.
Get the beaker inside.

Go up to the second floor into the toilet on the right.
Open the panel under the sink and set the temperature to 80 degrees.
Turn on the tap at the sink to fill it with hot water.
Fill the beaker with the hot water to turn it into some clear liquid.
Pour the liquid on the mould.

Go back down to the first floor to the fridge.
Put the beaker into the freezer.

Go to the TV.
Connect the plug behind the TV to the wall socket.
Check the message on the TV screen.

Go back to the fridge and get the mould from the freezer.
Get the key from the mould.
Use the key to open the door at the starting point.


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    1. Do you know whats the password is for the door because 38220 is not working

  2. It keeps telling me that the mould isn't ready. And I've done everything.