Escape Game "Snow White" Walkthrough

Escape Game "Snow White" By IDAC CO. LTD.

Escape Game "Snow White" Language:English,Chinese,Korean,Japanese
"Are you Snow White? If you are, I'm sure you can solve this puzzle for us!"
an unknown child said to me. A strong wind blew and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I found myself trapped in an unknown room...Your mission is only to escape from the room by opening the door. However, to do this, you'll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.The rules are very simple. You can tap various locations, and you can also flick when you need to move about the room.

Spoiler: This post contains the full detailed walkthrough for Escape Game "Snow White".

Move the bag and get the pair of scissors behind it.

Examine the table. Open the right drawer and get the candle inside the drawer.

Examine the receptacle on the left of the table. Get the memo inside.

Open the memo, read the hints on the memo. This hint is for the instructions on the clock.
The taller brother (the long hand on the clock) will move eastwards white the smaller brother (the short hand on the clock) will move to the south. Hit the button on the center thrice to open.

Use the hints from the memo on the clock. Tap and move the hands of the clock till the short hand points at 6 and the long hand points to 3. Press the red button 3 times.

The cuckoo bird will come out, get the white key from its mouth.

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