Escape Game: Special Cleaning - The Mad Client Walkthrough

Escape Game: Special Cleaning - The Mad Client Walkthrough

Spoiler: This post contains the full walkthrough for special cleaning: the mad client.  Continue reading if you need help with the game. Feel free to post questions if you have any queries.


Read the note in the jacket. Its the hint for the briefcase. Convert the numbers into seconds, minutes, hours, week, month, year. S: 86440, M: 1440, H: 24, W: 1/7, M: 1/28~31, Y: 1/365

Open the briefcase with the code 044736. Take the cloth and read the book.

There is a piece of scrap paper at the cupboard above the stove. Pull at it to make it come tumbling down to the stove. Read the paper at the stove PASS: 024. The continuous number that sum up to 24 is 7+8+9

Press the button 7, 8 and 9 in the cupboard above the stove. Open the cupboard door and take the seasoning set, move the pot and take the dry yeast.

Take the grater from the cupboard under the sink.

Take the 'B'  bottle and deep bowl from the white cabinet.

Read paper in the blue bucket.

Read the 2 books on the book shelf. One contains the hints that he is a teacher. The other give the hint for the code to a safe.

Go back to the orange fridge. The arrows represents the months on the calendar. Adjust the arrows such that the months with 31 days is represented with the arrow pointing upwards and the months without 31 days is represented with the arrow pointing down.

Take the radish. Use the grater on the radish to get grated radish.

Enter Teacher into the box with the words WHO AM I ? on it. Open the cooling compartment and get the lemon.

Look at the left side of the TV to see the sheet of paper that says sugar + yeast.

Go to the machine to generate ethanol. Enter the code Grampus. Pour in the yeast and sugar. Get the ethanol.

Use the grated radish on the trapdoor, use the cloth to remove the blackish liquid. Take the frame.

Clean the mold on the frame with ethanol. Wipe the frame with the cloth to remove the mold to get the floor plan of the room. The floor plan shows a window in the room.

Look at the right side of the bookshelf to see the rail on the floor. Go back to the TV shelf and examine the left side to find the casters.

Take the rope from the briefcase and read the notes.

Go back to the TV stand and remove the calendar. Attach the rope on the hook and use the radish juice to contract the rope and take the casters and remove the rope.

Go back to the bookshelf and attach the rope to the hook above the bookshelf. Use the radish juice to contract the rope and attach the casters. Remove the rope and move the shelf to find the windows behind the shelf.

Go to the sink and use the grater radish on the hardened clay. Take the 'A' bottle.

Go back to the stove area. Pour the lemon into the bowl and add in salt. Use it on the rusty door and use the cloth to scrub off the rust. Take 'C' bottle.

Examine the 3 bottles labels to look at their gram. Insert the three bottles and enter the code. Open the door and get the blue mixture.
A: 850g * 1/2 = 425
B: 900g * 1/3 = 300
C: 600g * 4/5 = 480

Go back to the oily window and use the blue mixture and cloth on it. Open the window and escape.

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