Santa's Engineer 3 Star Walkthrough

Santa's Engineer 3 Star by Andrew Garrison.

Santa's Engineer is a spin-off from Simple Physics. It contains 5 new levels which is related to Christmas. It has improve the graphics and also have a slider for playback function.
This post contains the blueprints for Santa's Engineer. Many thanks to freaki1 who provided us with the blueprints.

iTune Link for Santa's Engineer

Spoiler Alert: Continue reading if you are stuck and looking for solutions to the game.

Blueprint Solutions

Feel free to share with us if you have cheaper solutions or blueprints.

Welcome Sign (3 stars)

Snowy roof (3 stars)

Conveyor Belt (3 stars)

Santas Sleigh (3 stars)

Toy Train (3 stars)


  1. The Top picture is the last level :D