Escape Game Dangerous Luxury Liner Walkthrough 2

Escape Game "Dangerous Luxury Liner" by IDAC CO.,LTD.

Walkthrough part II 

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Use the knife to cut the rope.
Remove the hook from the brush.
Attach the hook to the rope.

Press the switch to lower a rope with a ring tied to it.

Attached the rope with the hook to the ring.
Tie the rope to the hole at the bottom of the carpet.

Go back and press the switch again to raise the curtain up.
Go back the the curtain scene and get the nail polish that is lying on the floor.

Get the tool hanging around the neck of the statue.
Apply the nail polish on the statue's nail.
Examine the floor where the light is shining on.

Use the binoculars to look through right most window.

Attach the infrared device to the binoculars.
Try looking through the window with the new binoculars.
Tap on the word "-DA".

That was the the hint for the safe.
Remove DA from the word "GUARDIAN" and try to form a new word with the remaining letters.
The new word is a weapon.
Enter the keyword to unlock the safe.

 Open the safe and get the moist towelette.

Use the moist towelette to remove the black ink on the screen.
You will see the following cards on the screen (Joker, 5, Joker 6).

Look at the screen on the bottom right.
It says the fool disappears when faced by the cards.
Look through the window using the binoculars, you will see 3 circles, cross, 2 circles, cross.
Combining this with the numbers shown on the poker cards you will get 3,5,2,6.
This is the code for the main door.

Now lets get the things needed to open the main door.
Use the knife to cut the part of the carpet that was stuck.
Turned over the carpet and get the blue card beneath it.

Go to the study table, use the pliers to remove the wires holding the key.
Get the key.

 Use the knife on the rusty lid.
Use the pliers to wrench open the lid to reveal a keyhole.
Insert the key to the keyhole.

Use the blue card to activate it.
Enter the code 3526 to open the door.
You are free to escape now.

Click here to view part I of the walkthrough.


  1. Thanks so much for this guide! One problem, though.

    "Enter the code 3528 to open the door."

    That's a typo. It should be 3526 (as shown in the image posted below it).