7he Code Solution

Walkthrough for 7he Code by maystorm games 

Spoiler Alert: This post contains the codes required for the different levels in 7he Code by maystorm games.
I'm not including the location of symbols. Feel free to ask if you need help finding the symbols.
A tip to complete the stage within the given time is to find the code first and restart the stage.

7he Code Stage 1

7he Code Room 1: Easy start

Find the code on the wall.
Code: 258

7he Code Room 2: The cake is a lie

Decode the underline characters on the wall. 
Code: 453

7he Code Room 3: Mathematical wizard 

Sum up the numbers on the wall.

Code: 821

7he Code Room 4: Pipes

Count the number of balls in the tube.
Code: 579

7he Code Room 5: Three of a kind

White triangle represents subtraction. Complete the equation to get 1. Find number 7 on the floor. The dots on the wall shows number 2.
Code: 172

7he Code Room 6: Pillars

Count the number of sides on each pillar.
Code: 393

7he Code Stage 2 

7he Code Room 7: Move it

Use the machine to move the walls to find the code.
Code: 742

7he Code Room 8: The cube

Find the location of the cube box using the axis XYZ.
Code: 424

7he Code Room 9: King of the hill

Keep to the side of the wall to avoid the ball. Complete the equations on the three wall to find the code.
Code: 309

7he Code Room 10: The maze

Navigate through the maze to all the 3 dead ends to find the code. 
Code: 813

7he Code Room 11: On top

Push the pillars into the hole to see the number on top of the pillar. The holes comes in different sizes push the pillars in so the pillar can go into the hole completely.
Code: 541

7he Code Room 12: Upward spiral

Look at the dots in the huge arrow on the wall. The dots will light up one by one but one of the dot in each arrow does not light up.
Code: 268

7he Code Stage 3 (To be continued...)

Help is required for the rest of the room.

7he Code Room 13: Light-code

Go to the top and look down to see the letters C, L, V. Convert them to numbers using Roman numeric to get C = 50, L = 100, V = 5. Summing them will get you 155.
Code: 155
Thanks Richard Aguirre for providing us the solution.

7he Code Room 14: Where's the code?

7he Code Room 15: Portal

Put the cubes on top of the button on the floor based on their colours.
Code: 123

7he Code Room 16: Which is right?

Find the numbers on the wall that have the correct number of matching number of numbers.
Code: 368

7he Code Room 17: Parcour

Find the number 3 behind one of the wall. The balancing beam shows a 5 and the last area shows 0.
Code: 350

7he Code Room 18: Think outside the box

Push the boxes to their respective coloured platform. Find the code on the pillar.
Code: 646


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