DOOORS Walkthrough

DOOORS by 58works.

New update for the game DOOORS is now available in itune store. 15 new stages are added to the game.

Spoiler: This post contains the full walkthrough for the game DOOORS. Continue reading if you need help with the game.

DOOORS Walkthrough

DOOORS Stage 36

Tilt your phone to roll the ball the right. The two arrows are pointing to a spot. Touch the spot to unlock the door. Draw an imaginary line with the two arrows. 

DOOORS Stage 37

Tap the globe to lift it up. Take the torchlight under it. Use it to shine on the area where the arrows are located. You will see the image of the continents on the globe. Press the two circles beside the door in the sequence of the images. (Left, Right, Right, Left, Right)

DOOORS Stage 38

Use the torchlight on the corners on top to reveal stone and ball. Arrange the balls and stone according the writings on the wall. Tilt the phone to the right to slide everything to the right then tilt to the left to slide the balls to the left.

DOOORS Stage 39

Touch the coloured tiles in the sequence based on the size of their colour on the door from largest to smallest. Red > Green > Yellow > Blue.

DOOORS Stage 40

Follow the diagram above the door. Slide the door left, down then Right.

DOOORS Stage 41

Use the fire torch to burn the man and he will start to nod. Shake your phone to the right and back till all the lights above the door turns green.

DOOORS Stage 42

There is a misinterpretation on the diagram above the door. Rotate the left wheel to the water droplet and the right wheel to fire. Touch the door to open it.

DOOORS Stage 43

Tilt the phone to the left to slide the orange bucket out. Take the bucket and the remote under it. Use the remote to turn on the TV above the door. The TV will screen two dots, each dot will write numbers needed to unlock the door. (27)

DOOORS Stage 44

Take the brush on the left. Use it to clean the walls to reveal the footprints. Match the animal in the pictures to the footprints. (Left = human, Right = crane)

DOOORS Stage 45

Use the torch to shine the left side of the door to reveal an arrow pointing to the number 45. Touch and hold the circle on the right of the door to spin arm on the stopwatch. Timed it such that it stop exactly at 45.

DOOORS Stage 46

Match the lines with the ones on the door.

DOOORS Stage 47

Slide the gates to the left. Leave your phone on the table and take a break. The two eyes will start to close and the door will open. 

DOOORS Stage 48

Take the weight on the left. Attach it to one of the handle. Fill the orange bucket with water and hang it on the other handle. Tilt the phone towards yourself to let the door drop.

DOOORS Stage 49

Use the fire torch to burn the ropes on the gate. Slide the gates away. Match the red triangles in the circles with the eyes of the drawing above the door.

DOOORS Stage 50

Use your torchlight to shine above the door for the instruction to swipe. Swipe over the dots to turn it green. Turn 50 dots green.

You are done. :) Feel free to post and ask questions if you need more help.
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