100 Floors Annex Walkthrough

100 Floors by Tobi Apps Limited

A new tower is available for 100 Floors now. Update your game now to enjoy more puzzles!

Spoiler: This post contains the full detailed walkthrough for first 5 levels of 100 Floors Annex tower by Tobi Apps Limited.


100 Floors Annex Tower Level 1

Use the knife to cut the cope holding the stone on the right. Once you cut it the wooden platform holding the egg on the left will start to drop. Quickly tap the egg to get the egg before it hits the floor. (Rinse and repeat if you fail to get the egg. You may need a few tries to get it.) After you get the egg put it in the nest on the tree.

100 Floors Annex Tower Level 2

Draw the green line by tapping on the circle on the top right hand corner slide diagonally down to the center then slide to the left. 

100 Floors Annex Tower Level 3

Change the numbers in the squares. (From top to bottom)
First row: Player: 5 NPC: 0
Second row: Player: 0 NPC: 2
Third row: Player: 2 NPC 5

100 Floors Annex Tower Level 4

Tap on the drum according to the dots above the door. You need to tap it in the correct rhythm to get the door to open. When you get the rhythm right every tap will make the dot change to red colour.

100 Floors Annex Tower Level 5

Empty, Cross with Circle, Empty
Cross, Empty, Circle
Circle, Cross with Circle, Cross


  1. What do you do after you draw the line? Help please!

    1. just release after drawing. door will open if drawn correctly

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