100 Floors Walkthrough 5

100 Floors by Tobi Apps Limited

Finally the new update is available for 100 Floors now. Update your game and try to reach level 100!

Spoiler: This post contains the full detailed walkthrough for 100 Floors level 91 - 100 by Tobi Apps Limited.

100 Floors Level 91

Take the brush on the bottom right. Use the brush to clean the white spot on the right till you can see the numbers on the wall. Arrange the tiles in the following order:
top row: orange, light blue, blue. 
bottom row: green, pink, yellow.

100 Floors Level 92

Arrange the arrows in the following order:
top: UP, RIGHT
bottom: UP, DOWN

100 Floors Level 93

Tap and hold the left button for at least 9 seconds, when you release the button the door with the number 9 should remain light up. Tap and hold the right button for at least 3 seconds, when you release the button the door with the number 3 should remain lighted. Door opens when both side of the door light up.

100 Floors Level 94

Arrange the lights to make out the Roman number XI.

100 Floors Level 95

Tap the yellow circles to change their colors
Top row: All greens
Middle row: center green
Bottom row: All greens

100 Floors Level 96

Take the tiles from the wall and fit them into the slot. Note: you can rotate the tiles. 
Just drop a msg if you need screenshot for the answer.

100 Floors Level 97

Use the knife to burst the balloon. Take the piece of note that was inside the balloon and put it on top of the door. Change the numbers below the door to 3577.

100 Floors Level 98

Code: 52375

100 Floors Level 99

Try to find the equation that gets you 15 on both side. Can't find plus and minus? Volume up is +, down is -.
Ans 3 + 3 x 4 = 4 x 5 - 5

100 Floors Level 100

This is really complicated. 
1) drag the 1st piece (from left to right) of the door of every row out to the right.  
2) drag the last 3rd piece  (from left to right) on the bottom row to the left. (you will be left with 2 empty space on the right of the panel.)
3) drag the last 4th piece  (from left to right) on the 3rd row to the left. (you will be left with 3 empty space on the right of the panel.)
4) drag the 3rd piece (from left to right) on the 2nd row to the left (you will be left with 2 empty space on the left of the panel.)


  1. For Floor 97, you're supposed to change the numbers to 3577

  2. Are you gonna make a walkthrough for the annex???

  3. Yup. Follow this link to 100 Floors Annex Tower Walkthrough

  4. On level 100 I don't understand what you mean by "last 3rd piece" and "last 4th piece" could you clear that up for me? Thanks..

  5. it is refering to the flipping boards. you try to slide the vertical blocks

  6. Yes but the wording is confusing... by last 3rd and last 4th ....do you mean 3rd from last and 4th from last?

    1. sorry for the confusion. you are correct is 3rd from last

    2. just added the screenshot to clarify the steps.

  7. I wonder if there is any logic to Floor 100. I could work out how Levels 92 and 97 were possible (and 96 is obvious once you remember what "8/26" refers to), but all I know of Level 100 is the solution itself, not why it works.

  8. Oh, it was a good game! I remember it!