100 Floors walkthrough 3

100 Floors by Tobi Apps Limited

New update is available for 100 Floors now. There are 80 floors now, update your game and try to reach level 80! If you have not downloaded the game, feel free to do so. It's challenging and brain twisting. :)

Spoiler: This post contains the full detailed walkthrough for 100 Floors level 71 - 80 by Tobi Apps Limited.


Walkthrough for earlier floors 1 - 55 are available here in
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100 Floors Level 71

The images are symbols from "ba gua". Hope the picture is self-explanatory.

100 Floors Level 72

Push the cars up the starting line in the following order: yellow, red, blue then green.

100 Floors Level 73

Math problem? Basically you just need to try to get the final answer as 73. 
Here's how I did it: Slide right, right, up, left, down, left, down, right, up, right.

100 Floors Level 74

Clockwise from the top, change the colors to yellow, blue, light blue, orange, purple and green.

100 Floors Level 75

Take the small weight off the right platform and put on the left platform. Put the rest of the weights on the floor onto the right platform. Hold your phone upright.

100 Floors Level 76

Rearrange the tiles so that the lines on the tiles make a square. Put the wooden piece into the center.

100 Floors Level 77

Press the green button till the light reaches the 7 o'clock position.

100 Floors Level 78

Match the colors of the tiles around the question mark with the colors on the cube. 
Top of question mark is blue. (nearer to door) Right is red. Right of red is white. Left is brown. Bottom is black.

100 Floors Level 79

Arrange the tiles so that the black line in the tiles are all connected to match what is shown on the floor.

100 Floors Level 80

Use the torch to light up the whatever that is in the following order:
Light up the right, middle, second from right.  Tap the circular container in the center. 
Light up again: left, second from the left. Tap container twice. 
Light up again: left, middle. Tap the container.


  1. You messed up on level 80 just so you know

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Updated the solution. :)

  3. To when are the new floor solutions gonna be up???

    1. Should be up by today. Stay tune to the site or follow us on twitter.

    2. 100 floors level 81-90 has been added.

  4. Help. I can't get level 75. What's the trick to getting the 3 weights to stay put? Thx in advance

    1. Not much trick to it. Just drag the weight slightly above the platform and release it. It will stay on the platform. :)

    2. It won't work. I've true with one light red & the the green. I've also tilted my phone so both lights are red. I'm wondering if it might be because I have a droid.

    3. you need 2 green lights. Remember to hold your phone upright to turn on the other green light

    4. Thx. I had a friend do it.

  5. Replies
    1. just tested. its correct : yellow red blue green. leave the white car at its original place

    2. If you have a Droid phone, it is different.
      ANDROID USERS:Circle goes all the way to the top, triangle goes third dotted line from top, square goes fourth dotted line from top, pentagon goes fifth, and hexagon goes sixth (bottom).

    3. Jennifer's solution worked for me, and I have an iPod touch. The original listed solution didn't work.

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  7. Ahhh you said slide. Now i feel stupid XD
    It would be easier to just say GO left, right etc.

  8. Replies
    1. Tested and its working. Any viewers care to share their advise?

  9. Replies
    1. Arrange the symbols so that they matches the ones shown in the picture

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  11. 79 isn't working... im confused!

    1. I have added the screenshots for both 78 and 79. Hope they will help.

  12. 75.. when i hold my phone upright the doors doesnt open..

  13. for 76 iv tried many times to make it into a square and im not sure how to if you can help that would be lovely