100 Floors walkthrough 2

100 Floors by Tobi Apps Limited

New update is available for 100 Floors now. Update your game and try to reach level 70!

Spoiler: This post contains the full detailed walkthrough for 100 Floors level 56 - 70 by Tobi Apps Limited.


Walkthrough for other floors are available here:

100 floors - floor 91 - 100 walkthrough.

100 Floors Level 56

This level is pretty similar to mine sweeper if you guys are familiar with the old window game. Count the number of adjacent flags touching each of the tiles with numbers. (including those diagonal ones) 
From top down: 4, 3, 5, 5,2,4

100 Floors Level 57

Tap and hold the red button to move the hook on the roof. Move it above the metal ball, slide the hook down to lift up the ball. Move the hook to the centre of the door. Swipe the ball to use it to break down the door.

100 Floors Level 58

There is only 3 Hz on the door: 329.6, 293.7, 261.6. Matching them to the keyboard smallest on the left, play the notes according to the Hz on the door. 
Keys: 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 1 

100 Floors Level 59

Pick up the wooden rod and rock from the floor. Use the rock to break the window glass on the left. Adjust the mirror to the fire woods to light it up. Light the wooden rod and use it to melt the ice on the handle. Pull the handle down to open the door.

100 Floors Level 60

Light the two candles on the side of the door. Tap the drum according to the number of matching colours on the door. 4, 2, 1, 4

100 Floors Level 61

Move the white letters and symbols to the empty space above the door to make 1830.

100 Floors Level 62

Use the knife to cut the red wire on the left. Use the two arrows to move the last green line above the door.

100 Floors Level 63

Slide the rock to the left to press the button down. Look at the dots on the roof, match the tiles on the door to make a reflection of the dots on the roof. 

100 Floors Level 64

Spin the eye in circles as fast as possible to fill the whole bar green. (I spin it anti-clockwise, both side works but I managed to spin faster anti-clockwise.)

100 Floors Level 65

Take the ball and put it into the tube on the right. Use the lighted fire stick on the fire detector above the door.

100 Floors Level 66

Pick up the rod on the right of the floor. Use the rod to take the hook on the left of the door. Attach the hook on the ring and pull down the door.

100 Floors Level 67

Tap the flower on the right to make the flower petal fly down. Slide the flower pot to catch it, slide the pot under the water tap and turn on the tap to water the flower. Slide the pot under the sunlight to make the flower grow.

100 Floors Level 68

Pick up the shuriken from the floor. Tap and hold the lever down to raise the box all the way up. Pick up the square panel and replace it with the shuriken. 

100 Floors Level 69

Tap the light above the door to make it fall. Tap nemo on the right to make it swim to the left. Time it so both will collide and knock the octopus away. Use the knife to cut off the weeds blocking the door.

100 Floors Level 70

You need to find room 6 and guide the alien back to his spaceship. Tap the arrows in the following sequence: left, right, left, left, right, left, right, right.


  1. I'm stuck! Level 60.... And I'm confused with the instructions.... Please help me....

    1. tap 4 times on the red drum, 2 times on dark blue, 1 on white and 4 on light blue

  2. Ha! Seems do simple now.... Thank you!

  3. please help me i can't pick up the square on level 68 please help me

  4. i can't place the fire stick on fire detector at level 65 please...